ASMR TOKEN — Lottery Ecosystem

The NFT that keeps giving!

What is ASMR

ASMR has arrived just in time for 2022 to offer the Ethereum network to implement Round 1.

Easy! Buy your Token ($ASMR), HOLD them, Mint your ASMR NFT, and WIN!

Sit back and enjoy your favorite stimulus!

Why is it safe?

How does VRF Work?

Participants can rest assured that all users have an equal opportunity of winning prizes while enjoying ASMR.

Once all conditions are met, the ASMR Smart Contract will initiate a request to the ChainLink Oracle to pick a Random winner among the participants.

As the leading Crypto secure and auditable Random Number Generator (RNG), Chainlink VRF provides a provably fair source of randomness used to select winners, along with a supporting proof On-chain on the ERC20 Network.

Our NFT Project uses the latest technology to ensure a Safe and Reliable Lottery Experience (SRLE). To draw the Lottery Winners, ASMR uses ChainLink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) as a Provably Fair Way to Draw Lottery Winners. The minting process is done via a decentralized internet run on the blockchain’s record-keeping technology (Web3).

How to Mint

Minting directly from the NFT Smart Contract on our website has the latest NFT functions and Web3 integration. Mixing, Randomize Winner Selector Smart Contract, and NFT has the key to Safety and Reliability On-Chain.

ASMR has arrived before 2022 to offer the Ethereum network the first round. Easy! Buy your Token, HOLD, Mint your ASMR Lottery Entry, and WIN! Sit back and enjoy your favorite stimulus!

First Lottery Event - Q1 2022

Maximum of 5 NFT per Mint

The Game doesn’t stop. Also, please do yourself a favor and don’t sell your Token too fast; keep your $ASMR for upcoming events!

First Lottery Reward

*ALPHA: Some Whisper told me that these NFTs will be used in the future! It’s probably nothing! get ready for Next Phase!

Minting the 100 Genesis ASMR NFT will result in an ETH Price Pool. Once all minted, the smart contract will submit a transaction to Chainlink Oracle to pick the winner.

75% of the Prize Pool will automatically be transferred to the NFT Holder Wallet & 25% will be retained to support Research & Development.

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